Relevant Partners
is a multifamily
development company

We are focused on creating high-quality, affordable modular built communities


Our Story

Relevant Partners was conceptualized as an obligation to replace affordable housing units from two historic hotel projects acquired by our parent company, Relevant Group. The hotel projects required the new owner to replace, relocate, and restore the existing affordable housing units within a specified geographic area of their existing location in Downtown Los Angeles.

After further diligence of the affordable housing sector in California, Relevant Group soon learned how troubled the system was with respect to time and costs. Inflationary costs, lengthy environmental reviews, limited and competitive subsidies compounded the bureaucratic (approval and permitting process) delays faced by developers.


It did not take long for Relevant Group to find a recipe for success for non- profit developers: Projects must be built faster with increased efficiency and quality to meet the growing demand for affordable, workforce, market rate housing. How could we do that? By building with modular systems to deliver superior quality projects with speed and certainty. This was the birth of Relevant Partners and its affiliate offsite modular construction company, RMOD.


Relevant Partners is a multi-family development company that specializes in value driven, mixed-income lifestyle projects. Relevant Partners transfers its broad experience in lifestyle, hotel, design, and construction. By utilizing our affiliate, RMOD, Relevant Partners can deliver projects in a shorter timeline with greater speed and certainty than the incumbent traditional developers.

Relevant Partners strives to improve processes and innovate to increase speed, quality, and consistency for superior economic returns.

Relevant Partners specializes in project acquisitions, design, development, financing, constructions, entitlements, pre-development, pre-construction, financing, construction through to property stabilization. We bring everything to the table!


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